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The Loveparade is over!

Yep, the 12th Loveparade 2000 is over, unfortunatelly. It was a nice parade with about 1,3 million spectators and technofreaks. Regrettably more spectators than technofreaks but such things happens when it becomes too cemmercial. An other problem was the weather. It was about 18°C what occurs to less nice dressed people. Well, let's hope it will be better next year! I also hope to have some videofeeds of the Loveparade on my site, so don't forget to come back later! When you have been to the Loveparade in Berlin or Leeds and you've taken some nice pictures, please send them to me in .jpg-format. When I like them too I will put them on my site
And again, a few dates for parades were announced. The Fast Forward Dance Parade will be held on the 12th of August in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On this day, the Streetparade will take place too, which means no FFWD for me this year. The Reincarnation Parade will be held on the 26th of August. This parade will take place in Hannover, Germany. I don't have more information about these parades right now, but it won't take long anymore I think. So, don't forget to come back!
All the dates of the parades I know can be found herunder. For more information, go to the other pages at this site when available. That's all what I know at this moment. I also know the site isn't finished yet, but it won't take long anymore. And please, don't forget to sign my guestbook so I can read what you think of my site. Thanx.

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Updated: April 29th, 2002
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