Loveparade 2000

On the 8th of July 2000 the Loveparade has taken place for the 12th time already. It was a nice parade, only the weather were not that perfect. The estimated number of participators is about 1,3 million people, about 200,000 less that the year before. But after all I enjoyed myself perfectly. I hope you like the pics I shot!

lp00_a.jpg lp00_b.jpg lp00_c.jpg
Partypeople on our way to Berlin Zoo
lp00_d.jpg lp00_e.jpg lp00_f.jpg
Stripper, cool hairstyle and René with Partypat
lp00_g.jpg lp00_h.jpg lp00_i.jpg
Say 'cheese!' to the camera!
lp00_j.jpg lp00_k.jpg lp00_l.jpg
On our way to the Siegesäule
lp00_m.jpg lp00_n.jpg lp00_o.jpg
A cool outfit and nice chicks
lp00_p.jpg lp00_q.jpg lp00_r.jpg
Partypat at the Siegesäule
lp00_s.jpg lp00_t.jpg lp00_u.jpg
Partypat with Claudia and Natalie
lp00_ua.jpg lp00_ub.jpg lp00_uc.jpg
And again with both separately
lp00_v.jpg lp00_w.jpg lp00_x.jpg
The Loveparade rocks!
lp00_xa.jpg lp00_xb.jpg lp00_xc.jpg
My brother Richard and a Lovemobile
lp00_xd.jpg lp00_xe.jpg lp00_xf.jpg
Partytruck, Cäcilia from Leipzig and ????????? ;-)
lp00_xg.jpg lp00_xh.jpg lp00_xi.jpg
Roberto enjoys, party all the way and Cäcilia with Partypat
lp00_xj.jpg lp00_xk.jpg lp00_xl.jpg
And the party goes on and on and on and on and....
lp00_xm.jpg lp00_xn.jpg lp00_xo.jpg
Kids, don't use drugs and alcohol at the same time...
lp00_xp.jpg lp00_xq.jpg lp00_xr.jpg
DJ Piet Blank, Party without limits and brother Richard still in the partymood
lp00_xs.jpg lp00_xt.jpg lp00_xu.jpg
Nice chick, vacuüm cleaning couple and Roberto, Partypat and Verena
lp00_xv.jpg lp00_xx.jpg
Ravebabe and a nice string

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